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DYPTIK Company – France (Outdoor Performance)
 D- Construction (Outdoor Performance)
35 min
Ramallah: Tuesday 24th April @7:00 pm – Ramallah/ Old city Parking – Al-Sahl Street
Choreographer: Mehdi Meghari Artistic Direction: Souhail Marchiche & Mehdi Meghari
Light Designer: Richard Gratas Music by: Patrick De Oliveria Set Designer: Bertrand Nodet
Dancers: Elias Ardoin, Evan Greenaway, Samir ElFatoumi, Yohann Daher, Vanessa Petit, Emilie Tarpin-Lyonnet        
About the Performance
I am no longer an impersonal pronoun. “I” no longer fit in pigeon holes. “I” am no longer part of what “we” have built and seemed good to us. For us. For me. Locked in a cage, the quest is a quest for freedom. We are at war. At war against ourselves. Commitment is stronger. Resistance is painful. The gesture is violent and liberating and draws its strength from the roots of hip-hop.