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Panta Rei Danseteater – Norway
Promise of Departure
50 min
Ramallah: Friday 20thApril @ 7:30 pm – Municipality Theatre/Ramallah City Hall
Jerusalem: Saturday 21st April @7:00 – Palestinian National Theatre
Workshop: Sunday 22nd April @4:00 -7:00 pm – Sareyyet Ramallah
Choreographer: Anne Ekenes, Pia Holden, Rachel Erdos Light Designer: Olav Nordhagen
Music by: Nathaniel Reed Scenography: Mie Dinesen
Dancers: Nora Martine Svenning, Johnny Autin, Anton Wretling
About the Choreographer/Company
Panta Rei Danseteater (PRD) is a professional dance company based in Oslo. The company's signature purpose is to create performances with high level of artistic quality that are engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences. In addition, PRD is one of Norway's leading educational companies, teaching creative dance to children and young people nationwide.
About the Performance
Make Me Dance is a choreographed concert. Through movement, sound and text three dancers and one musician look at why they have ended up as professional artists. Make Me Dance is a performance about the choices we make, the small, yet universal stories that shape us as human beings.