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Farah Saleh– Palestine
Brexit means Brexit!
25 min
 Ramallah: Thursday 26thApril @ 6:00 pm – Mahmoud Darwish Museum
Choreographer: Farah Saleh Research by: Farah Saleh, Victoria Rischler in collaboration with Candoco Dance Company Music by: Amon Tobin Commissioned by: PS/Y for Hysteria Produced by: PS/Y Costume Designer: JillSkulina
Dancers: Tanja Erhart and Robert Hesp
About the Choreographer/Company
 Farah Saleh is a Palestinian dancer and choreographer active in Palestine, Europe and the US. She has studied linguistic and cultural mediation in Italy and in parallel continued her studies in contemporary dance. She is currently an Associate Artist at Dance Base in Edinburgh, UK.
About the Performance
Farah Saleh and Professor Victoria Tischler are investigating the collective mental health of the residents in the UK after Brexit. They are interested in what led to that vote, but more importantly in what is happening right now: the fear, anger, polarization of the society, the explicit racism and even more in what will happen next. Trying to understand the famous endlessly repeated phrase by Teresa May Brexit means Brexit! What does that exactly mean? Where the threshold between democracy, dictatorship and fear is led campaigns?