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Cie Selim Ben Safia – Tunisia
On your way home
50 min
 Ramallah: Thursday 26th April @ 7:30 pm – Municipality Theatre/Ramallah City Hall
Choreographer: Selim Ben Safia Light Designer: Jerome Bertin Music by: Zied Zouari 
Dancers: Alice Kinh & Theo Mogan Gidon
About the Choreographer/Company
The company Selim Ben Safia is the result of a biting passion for dance and a deep desire to engage and make dance a common way of expression.
Selim Ben Safia created the company in 2012 to draw a bridge between Tunis and the rest of the world.
About the Performance
Selim Ben Safia, considers "Home" as the world we live in, without borders, without religions, without races, without cleavage… but this Home represents the world today which balance is more and more precarious… a house which cannot be seen as a shelter against tragedies anymore. The ones that are tearing people, families and individuals apart.