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Cie CoBalt– Switzerland
Dédoublement, le Hasard du Commun!
45 min
 Jerusalem: Thursday 26th April @ 7:00 pm – Palestinian National Theatre
Ramallah: Friday 27th April @7:30 pm –Municipality Theatre/Ramallah City Hall
Choreographer: Rebecca Spinetti Light Designer: Armando Gomez Music by: Pedro Reyes, Julia Kent, Armand Amar Set Designer: Rebecca Spinetti, Alonso Noriega
Dancers: Blajaith Aguilar, llse Orozco
About the Choreographer/Company
The Company CoBalt goal is to showcase an eclectic, multidisciplinary approach to combining human and political concerns. CoBalt creates performances that combine dance with theatre, live music, circus, acrobaties and multimedia. Its project aim to share emotion using cognitive and sensory messages that are full of imaginary.
About the Performance
This new creation combining contemporary dance, videos and mapping, invokes the perception and human interrogation of the "already seen, already known" that each of us has experienced. It is the encounter and the separation of oneself in space and time, in different universes, while being connected very closely. A poetic, lively and colorful piece, where emotions are on the surface