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CAB AnnaMaria Ajmone – Italy
20 min
 Ramallah: Sunday 22nd April @ 6:30 pm – Mahmoud Darwish Museum
Choreographer/ Dancer: Annamaria Ajmone Light Designer: Giulia Pastore Music by: Palm Wine
About the Choreographer
She is a dancer and choreographer. Graduate in Italian Literature, she studied dancing at Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, Milano. Her works are presented in contemporary dance and theatre festivals, museums, art gallery and in Venus not originally meant for performance. She won the prize “Best young Italian Performer 2015”.
About the Performance
Trigger is a movable system that organizes itself differently according to the location where it’s being hosted.
Trigger is a personal exploration that, for a limited period of time, aims at transforming a space into a “place”. This becomes a shelter, a crossing point and the nest of a body that, in a state of perpetual listening, amplifies the spaces which are internal and external to it.