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DYPTIK Company – France (Opening Night)
Dans L’engrenage (Opening Night)
50 min
 Ramallah: Thursday 19th April @ 7:30 pm – Ramallah Cultural Palace
Jerusalem: Sunday 22nd April @7:00 – Palestinian National theatre 
Workshop: Monday 23th April @4:00 -7:00 pm – Sareyyet Ramallah
Choreographer: Mehdi Meghari Artistic Direction: Souhail Marchiche & Mehdi Meghari:
Light Designer: Richard Gratas Music by: Patrick De Oliveria                                           
Dancers: Elias Ardoin, Evan Greenaway, Samir El Fatoumi, Yohann Daher, venessa Petit, Emilie Tarpin-Lyonnet, Marine Wroniszeski
About the Choreographer/Company
Dyptik, Hip-Hop Dance Company from St Etienne, France.
Nonchalant and uninterested in consensus, the Dyptik Company dances its identity and revolt with force and authenticity.
About the Performance
Finding your place, precarious as it may be. You fight for it. Fight to keep it. Beyond the inner workings of society. Beyond conventions. Beyond the common good. Beyond individual liberties. You play around the rules to keep going. Even to the point of transgression. Even if it means doing wrong. Even if those put upon rise up. They believe in something better. They are committed. In the face of all opposition. Against all odds. Single-handedly. For how long?