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Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF)
With sun-oil burnished bronze bodies dancing for Baal or Dionysius, the ancients used to express their joy of life as reanimated in earth, in this “Gio-spiritual” spot, at this time of every year. And now, with what has remained of the gush of life, we, the survivors, though not salvaged completely, express with dancing, our joy for what the occupation could not take possession of our soul phoenix feather, while flapping its wings in its new flight.  With dancing, as well, we are joined by friends we deeply appreciate for their coming from all around the world in response to our invitation; at the time the Zionist propaganda aims at concealing our cultural and civilized aspect, to justify its daily committed crimes against us, and to make our self-defense a manifestation of violence and terrorism. 

Kifah Fanni

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2016
April 11th – 21st
In confrontation with the death, destruction and exile witnessed by the world today and in the midst of the Palestinian current popular uprising against the Israeli occupation, a military occupation which has been stripping Palestinians of the simplest of human rights for the last 68 years, the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 2016 presents its 11th edition under the theme of “Our Story… Our Dance”, underscoring the passion of Palestinians for their joyfulness and tight grip on hopefulness and life.
Dance, alongside all other forms of artistic expressions, is woven into the Palestinian cause and consciousness, and for years Palestinian dancers have stomped their feet to bring joy, evoke memories of a lost homeland and tell their own narrative. The dancers’ moves and the slingshots of demonstrators continue to move static water towards political and social change.

Like other art forms, contemporary dance has become an instrument for dancers, as part of the society, to express their dreams, aspirations, joys and pain both individually and collectively. Simultaneously, contemporary dance has managed to imprint its presence in the Palestinian cultural scene despite the difficulties and challenges hindering its path
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